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dr-gonzalo-sanz-urologoWhen was the last time you visited an urologist?

Prostate revisions are as important for men as gynaecological ones are for women.
Prostate cancer is the most common tumor in men over 45.
Early detection is the most important weapon to combat this disease.
The World Health Organization recommends periodic reviews of all males over 45 years old.
En Clinica Premium Marbella y Estepona and in Centro Médico Atlas from Aranda del Duero we have developed a screening program for prostate cancer, including ultrasound and analytics.

Which patients benefit from an urologic evaluation?:
- Patients over 45 years old.
- Patients with a family history of prostate problems.
- Patients with urinary symptoms (decreased force of their urinary stream, urinary frequency).

In our early diagnosis unit we have:
- Highly qualified staff.
- 24 hours emergency care.
- Urological ultrasound.
- Prostate-art laser.
- Laparoscopic surgery.

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